Frequently Asked Questions

Does Companion for Cisco Finesse collect any call data?
Absolutely not.
Does Companion for Cisco Finesse come with any warranty or support?
No. This extension is offered as is. It has been tested across multiple Cisco contact center versions, but you might have browser restrictions which have not been accounted for making our extension not work. If you wish to get support contact us and we can discuss options.
What data do you collect?
There are two sources of data we collect:
  1. The first is our website. We use industry standard analytics (Google) to capture information about your device, how you reached our site, and how you interact with it.
  2. The second source of data is from Companion for Cisco Finesse browser extension. The bulk of the data collected falls under the following categories:
    • When it was installed or removed.
    • When it's active.
    • When you click on it or use the keyboard shortcut.
    • When it sends you a notification.
I like your website design, who created it?
Jonathan Fann is the mastermind behind it and was an absolute pleasure to work with. You can find him here.


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